Gambling business in England

Usually, when we talk about gambling business, we mean that it involves very big risks – especially for players. But this statement is not suitable for the gaming business in England, because here they care about providing players with maximum security. For example, mrq casino, in contrast to other countries in the world, you can only play with cash.

England CASINO

Gambling Centre in England

The largest center of gambling business in England is usually considered its capital – London. This city is often even compared with American Las Vegas. Despite the fact that this city is seen by many as preserving its conservative traditions, players from all over England and from all over the world flock here to try to catch luck by the tail.

We can say that the English gambling business is still operating under laws that were adopted three decades ago. In the recent past, only one thing has changed: now the owners of casinos have to pay the state taxes in the amount of half of all profits they receive. In addition, they can no longer advertise their gaming establishments. However, if you believe the statistics, the popularity of gambling in England, it has not affected.

Legislation: how gambling business is regulated

All gambling business in this country is based on the law, which was adopted in 1968. It was then that the gambling business and casinos were legalized, and a special body was established to issue licenses for this type of activity and control it. This controlling body was named Gambling Council.

In addition, UK laws prohibit the construction of casinos anywhere except in specially designated areas. When creating these zones, special attention was paid to the fact that the proportion is respected: 1 game institution per 125,000 people living near this area.

The laws also regulate the activities of casinos. Thus, gambling establishments can not work more than 14 hours a day. If players visiting such establishments lose all their cash, they cannot be given credits to continue playing, even to buy gaminator. In addition, the room where the gambling is held, you can not hold concerts, shows during the game, as well as invite artists to perform. If these conditions are not met, the casino can easily close.

Around the end of XX century, English gambling houses began an active policy to attract players from other countries. And they successfully managed to do so. At first, visiting players were mostly from the Middle East, and then from other countries. By the end of last century, most of the taxes received by the state budget were from owners of gambling business, and the capital has become the main place in Europe, where fans of gambling gathered.

The last law adopted in England, regulating the work of casinos, was approved ten years ago. This law regulates the work of absolutely all types of gambling business and slot machines – from casinos to lotteries and sweepstakes. Some other countries, developing similar draft laws in their territory, drew attention to the current law in the UK and borrowed from there some points.

The law provides for absolutely all activities of casinos – up to how to buy gaminator. The law also provides the requirements that the institution must meet in order to obtain a license to conduct this type of activity. Even in order to produce, sell, import or export equipment, which is equipped with gaminator objects, a special license is required. In addition, one license will not be enough – you will also need to apply to the local authorities and get a special permit to operate a gambling business in a particular territory.

Types of casinos

There are only three casinos in England:

  • One casino, called “regional” – it must have an area of at least 1500 square meters, have at least a thousand slot machines and forty gaming tables;
  • eight “small” casinos, whose total area must be at least 750 sq.m. There can be from ten slot tables and from 20 slot machines;
  • eight “large” casinos with a total area of 1,500 sq.m. and a minimum of 30 slot tables and 150 slot machines.

Thus, the operation of casinos in England is well regulated, which is convenient and profitable for players.

Britain’s most popular casinos: The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club Casino

At all times in England, special attention was paid to a pleasant pastime and quality rest. What is important for the British is a competent organization of leisure, regardless of the type of recreation. This desire is also observed in tourists coming to this country. Holidays in casinos and specialized gambling houses are very popular. Here guests are offered a variety of gambling: from classic games with centuries-old stories to modern high-tech gaming machines. Huge attention is paid to modern gambling technology, among which the most in demand slot machines and slots. Including it is about slot machines to play for free in specialized electronic casinos.

The Ritz Club Casino

In the center of the capital of Great Britain is located the world-famous street Piccadilly with its abundance of interesting places and shops. This street is the most popular UK casinos in London, which is called The Ritz Club. The main distinguishing feature of this institution is the underlined luxury and elegance in absolutely everything, including the smallest details.

The casino is located on the territory of the large Ritz hotel and has a huge area. In the halls of the gambling establishment there are tables for roulette poker and other games. Thus, there are seven tables for American roulette, four tables for blackjack, three tables for three-card poker, and two tables for Punto Banco and Baccarat. In addition, The Ritz Club offers its customers a wide range of modern games such as slot machines, slots, electronic and virtual games.

The Ritz Club Casino

In order to enter The Ritz Club casino you need to be a member of a specialized club and carry a club card. This card can only be issued to people who have reached the age of 18 and have contributed £1,000 to the club for themselves. If the client wishes and the payment is made on time, the club card is issued immediately on site.

The Ritz Club itself operates daily from 2 days to 6 am without breaks, weekends and holidays. The casino has a chic restaurant, which is open from 7 pm to 3 am. There is also a bar that works on the same schedule as the casino.

The pride of The Ritz Club casino is the high-quality VIP-rooms, which are provided on individual orders. The rooms are equipped taking into account all wishes of clients of such high level.